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Adhese Universal Dental Adhesive



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  • Dental adhesive cost comparison

    Lowest Cost per Application

    The 2 milliliters of adhesive contained in the VivaPen® are sufficient for 190 single-tooth applications. Compared to conventional bottle delivery forms, this amounts to almost 3 times more applications per milliliter with the lowest cost per application.

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    Efficient Delivery

    The ergonomic, pen-like design of VivaPen® combined with its angled brush cannula enhances comfort, control and speed during direct intra-oral application while reducing material waste.

  • Adhese® Universal balances hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties into one formulation making it universally compatible for direct and indirect bonding procedures. Its low film thickness (~10 microns) will help ensure accurate seating of indirect restorations.

    Adhese® Universal is well-suited for any etching protocol to ensure optimum results in all situations.

    Universal Application

    Compatible with direct and indirect bonding procedures and well as with all etching techniques.

  • Dental bonding agent comparison
    Universal dental adhesive comparisonShear bond strength on dentin and enamel with Tetric EvoCeram® Bulk Fill (Total-Etch).
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    Micro-fillersThe water solvent and integrated micro-fillers used in Adhese® Universal are designed to enhance penetration into the dentin tubules to stabilize and support the collagen network as well as create the formation of a homogeneous layer with only one layer of adhesive. This results in optimum sealing of the dentinal tubules to prevent movement of dentinal fluid, microleakage and post-operative sensitivity.

    Predictable Results

    Adhese® Universal provides a consistent, high shear bond to enamel and dentin using only a single layer with any etching protocol and resulting in virtually no post-operative sensitivity.